Age of Aquarius - Spiritual Quantum Physics Amounts of Consciousness

In my last publication I described which the Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics is usually a Galactic Vitality System for Modify! It isn't for male alone. We've dropped our spirituality and connectedness to the upper by our ignorance and blind egotism that makes us imagine we've been the best of all God's creations. Nonsense! Even the bushmen in Australia tend to be more spiritual than we're. Planets, suns, solar method and galaxies are evolving, elevating their levels of consciousness to a higher Divine program while in the Brain of God. We must also. All of us Reside, go and possess our getting in the Mind of God. We 'blink in' and 'blink out' with the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God with Just about every successive incarnation. Stop listening to the godless scientist and physicist These are A part of the Fake matrix that is trying to hold person in bondage. Go ahead and take blue capsule and cost-free by yourself. The Legislation of Spiritual Quantum Physics are forcing us to redefine the definition of humanity. Gentleman can not be classified equally as an upright biped.

We must commence classifying mankind according to the new Age of Aquarius Laws. We must classify male As outlined by their levels of consciousness. There are plenty of levels of consciousness in the world. Absolutely everyone here in the world is here for just one explanation. To make use of everyday living to raise their particular person amounts of consciousness. There are lots of very Improper conceptions designed into the Wrong matrix that controls us about existence and humanity. These Wrong ideas are leftovers in the darker aspect with the Age of Pisces which dominated the Earth for 2000 yrs. The jail doors are open. Go away the dim waters of Pisces guiding and enter into your clean up, pure air of Aquarius. It is actually time!

Spiritual Quantum Physics proves us that these Piscean ideas are out-of-date and have to be left behind. The first 1 is that all Adult males are made equal. Not so! The reality is that each one Males are created most likely equal Which they've many lives to climb the ladder of consciousness to be equivalent. The idea that we Stay but 1 life and both check out shovel coal or Perform the harp over a cloud within the heavens could be the cruelest misconception of all. We 'blink in' and 'blink out' of your Quantum ocean, Thoughts of God repeatedly. So no matter how minimal our standard of consciousness is at this stage in time, or exactly where we Stay and what we do is quantum ai australia usually continuously altered upwards. But it requires operate and know-how. Convert the Tv set off it is the curse of our times. TV messages continue to keep person asleep.

All lifetime is there for us to implement to boost our amounts of consciousness. Almost nothing else. Consciousnesses is undoubtedly an awareness along with a understanding of The larger picture of everyday living. An consciousness of your All plus the connectedness of All. Ultimately you can reach the amount of consciousness of God and you won't have to do any more 'blinking.' A different dangerous principle of your Age of Pisces is always that we have been bodies that comprise souls. This is not accurate. We're souls who Dwell, transfer and also have our currently being in the Head of God. Whenever we 'blink out' with the Quantum Ocean, Head of God we make our Actual physical bodies in the womb from the moms Now we have preferred for this incarnation.

Then we produce our emotional and mental bodies. 95% of humanity on the planet remains to be hoping to develop and function on their emotional bodies. Man includes a great distance to go! Inside the Age of Aquarius Gentlemen and ladies will marry As outlined by amounts of consciousness not intercourse, income or Bodily attraction. In this way they are going to appeal to the higher much more conscious souls out of the Quantum Ocean, Intellect of God. This will elevate the Level of Consciousness of all humanity and maybe, just maybe, save this fourth wave of humanity from destruction. There are very impressive Legislation at get the job done and gentleman at the moment is disregarding them. You actually don't have to simply accept or believe that what I say. I am speaking to the five% who will have an understanding of!

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